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Local Education



Any young person living in Charing or Charing Heath going on to further education, University, College (sorry not 6th form) or taking up an Apprenticeship, may apply in writing NOT e-mail to Ludwell Education Trust. Please write to:

Ralph Blake, "Copperfields" Pett Lane, Charing Kent, TN27 0DL, or The Rev'd Sheila Cox, "The Vicarage" Pett Lane, Charing, TN27 0DL, or Janet McIntyre, "Wheler House" The High Street, Charing, TN27 0LS or Alan Hogben, 54 High Street, Charing, TN27 0LS 


Charing Pre School                    Mrs H Bates

                                               01233 714000

Charing Primary School             Mrs Niki Paterson (Headteacher)

                                               01233 712277                                                                                               

Library                                     01233 713177            

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